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I walked into Bopie’s with my Great-Grandmothers’ loose pearl. I wanted it turned into a necklace but I didn’t know if that was even possible. Bopie took her time with me and taught me a lot about pearls while I was there. After assuring me that it could be done, Bopie was very patient while we customized how it would turn out. It was also within a price range I was comfortable with. I was nervous handing my pearl over at first but I absolutely love how it turned out! I will definitely be back to browse her huge pearl selection.

- Catherine

Absolutely beautiful store with a selection that is far more unique than anything else in town. The staff and Bopie herself are very invested in making sure that you know exactly what you’re getting.

- Jase

Bopie’s is hands down the best diamond and jewelry store in the area and beyond. They are honest, have great service, and sell only the best diamonds, jewels, and pearls. They also back their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

- Sunny

They are the best diamond jewelry store I have been to in past 40 years, from So. CA to NC. You just cannot beat Bopie’s. She and her staff are sincerely thoughtful, kind, and provide honest jewelry values. My wife bought custom designed 4 carat diamond Bopie created. Her store truly demonstates the diamond qualities. Her store makes Mall jewelry stores look bad.

- Vic

Bopie’s has AMAZING quality and an excellent value for the quality & style. They do awesome custom design too.

- Joanne