Gem Cutting

Bringing Out a Stone’s Best…

Bopie’s offers custom lapidary services to specially cut gemstones from our trusted sources to the exact dimensions needed to fit your custom jewelry piece or semi mount. Bopie’s husband Michael Sackos has been cutting precious stones of every variety for decades, having completed schooling, placed in gem cutting competitions, and cut stones for many of our original pieces and our satisfied customers’ designs, in many different styles of cuts. Our guarantee is to bring out the true beauty of your chosen gemstone and return it to you a masterpiece.

Gem Cutting Education

Mike has started filming tutorial videos of his work to help aspiring gem cutters who want to learn the trade. Subscribe to Bopie’s on YouTube for updates on new educational material!

Portuguese Cut Imperial Garnet

Watch this rare, richly colored rough garnet stone originating from Tanzania’s Lindi Province get turned into a beautifully faceted Portuguese cut gem weighing 5.64cts and measuring 11mm in diameter.

Portuguese Cut Purple Garnet

A rare and beautiful Mozambique “Grape Garnet” rough gets the Ultra Tec treatment, becoming a 6.5mm gem.

More Coming Soon!