Treating Your Jewelry With Care…

Bopie’s provides the utmost of services needed for the regular care and cleaning of your jewelry. Upon thoroughly inspecting the condition and quality of your jewelry, our experts are transparent in  helping you understand what is involved in the cleaning, repair, and resizing of your most precious pieces.

In addition to regular cleaning services, which we advise customers to have done at least every six months, we re-size rings, re-string pearls, and re-set diamonds and gemstones. All repairs come back to you in a time frame depending on the nature of the repair needed. We also appraise jewelry and provide services such as engraving and custom design.

Finally, when you buy diamond jewelry through Bopie’s, you are given a Limited Lifetime Diamond Warranty, which covers the costs of damages done to accent diamonds and settings, guaranteeing that your diamond is replaced with a satisfactory substitute in the event of a loss. Diamonds over .25 cts in weight may be traded in for credit towards any other of our diamonds or gemstones available, with some exclusions.

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