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4914 Yadkin Rd, Fayetteville, North Carolina
Mon-Sat: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM, Sun: Closed

(910) 860-4884

Meet Our Staff


Bopie’s is all you need for your fine jewelry and gemstone gifts large and small! Located at 4914 Yadkin Road, our store is easy to find and filled with friendly professionals eager to help you.

Bopie Sackos

Owner – Jewelry Designer

Originally from Korea, Bopie followed her passion for Fine Jewelry to the U.S. where she mastered the art of “Lost Wax Casting” and 3-D Cad Design, also earning coveted certifications from GIA (Gemological Institute of America) as well as Miami Jewelry Institute. Bopie wanted to provide a Fine Jewelry Alternative to the “Cookie Cutter Stores”. Bopie’s offers Exquisite Diamonds, Pearls, Jade and Rare Color Gemstone Jewelry that is not “Mass Produced”, these high standards are the cornerstone of her business.
Today, Bopie’s Diamonds & Fine Jewelry is a 4800 square feet Jewelry Showplace, housing a World of Luxury Fine Jewelry in a variety of price ranges. BOPIE’S Original and Artistic Custom Designs are “One of a Kind”


I always want what is best for my Customers” say’s Bopie

Abigail Felder

Bopie’s Marketing & Sales

Originally a Fayetteville native, living near Tampa, returned to Fayetteville in 2013 for the opening of Bopie’s new location. She brings with her over 20 years of fine jewelry expertise and has managed several luxury jewelry stores throughout her career. Her focus on community awareness, relationship sales and extraordinary customer service show the depth of her commitment to making Bopie’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry, your family’s trusted jeweler for life!


Referrals are our highest compliment” she says, so please tell your friends about us!


Everyone deserves the quality of a Bopie’s piece” she says, don’t settle for less.

Lisa Miller

Sales & Security and Reception

A North Carolina native, Lisa offers customers her true southern charm. She delights our clients daily with her friendly style and sweet disposition. Lisa has 17 years of jewelry experience, during that time she has developed a passion for exotic color gemstones and diamonds. Her jewelry sparkles like her personality.


Never be afraid of being yourself….you are amazing” she says!

Bella –Bopie’s Bundle of Fluff

Bella joined Bopie’s team in 2013, It became clear immediately that she would fit right in. She may be a little High-Maintenance, but what she lacks in jewelry experience (or opposable thumbs), she more than makes up for in her adorable antics, cuteness and style.
Sorry folks…She’s not for sale…..she’s the most expensive item in the store, irreplaceable and one of a kind!


Woof……woof woof …woof woof!” she says. We all agree