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Bopie’s Story

Bopie started out in a small jewelry boutique in Seoul, South Korea just after graduation, where she began to learn the art of jewelry design. During this time she met Mike Sackos, who was stationed in Korea while serving the US Army. They fell in love, married, and soon moved to the US, where Bopie continued to pursue education and trade skills to further her chosen career, earning certifications from GIA, DCA, and MJI. She worked for several large chain stores around the US until she and her husband came to Fayetteville, NC in 1992, where they became smitten with the area and decided to call it home. Bopie took up work with another large chain at Fayetteville’s Cross Creek Mall, and though she was successful and enjoyed her work environment, Bopie still desired to have a business and jewelry designs that were her own and one-of-a-kind.

In 1995, Bopie was able to open her own kiosk within the mall, often manning it herself 7 days a week. Her gemstone pieces, which she aimed to make stand out from cookie-cutter chain store jewelry, became the cornerstone of her business — they became so popular, she had a growing need for exotic gemstone sources. Bopie traveled to locations all over the world in search of these gems, but they were rarely cut to the specific dimensions she needed for her custom pieces. It was then that her husband Michael took up the trade of cutting and faceting gemstones, giving Bopie gems in the exact proportions that her jewelry required. By 2002, her business had outgrown her small cart, and she obtained a corner store in the heart of the mall. Her artistic vision didn’t stop there, however, and plans began coming together for bigger and better things.

Then, in 2014, Bopie moved her business out of Cross Creek Mall and held a Grand Opening for her own beautiful 4,800 sq ft showroom on 4914 Yadkin Road, inside a 7,500 sq ft building she planned herself, representing her immense gratitude to the community for their support of her dream. Bopie holds fundraising events each year to give back to the Fayetteville area through the Patriot Foundation and local breast cancer programs, and in 2015 Bopie received the Fayetteville Small Business of the Year Award for her efforts. She has developed her own “Double B” signature pieces and continues to make unique custom jewelry designs for her clients in addition to providing a vast array of exquisite designer bridal and fashion from trusted, conflict-free vendors.