Bopie’s is excited to announce that we are hosting our 4th Annual Diamond Dig on May 4th this year, where we’ll show you how to participate in a fun, family-friendly event and fight breast cancer at the same time!

Step #1 – Donate!

Give $10 or more in order to participate in the event — no jewelry purchase required! Feel free to bring your friends, family, or little ones; we need all the support we can gather! All proceeds will go to a breast cancer patient in need from our hometown of Fayetteville, NC.

Step #2 – Dig!

Your donation gives you a chance at a charity raffle! Use a scoop in a small pool filled with sand, and dump your scoop into a sifter held by an assisting staff member. If you manage to unearth a tiny bottle with a number in it, you’ve won a prize! There is no limit to how many times you want to give for another chance! When you’re done, collect your numbers and go to our prize table to see what you got!

Step #3 – Enjoy!

Our Diamond Dig’s extraordinary prizes include gift certificates, loose gems, and real diamonds! In addition to these prizes, we will also have a station where lucky winners will be given the option of paying to have their newly won gemstones set in jewelry for them! Pink lemonade and cupcakes will be available as refreshments throughout the day until our event ends at 6pm.

This Year’s Highlights

Win Color Diamonds!

This year, Bopie is adding fancy color diamonds* to our list of wonderful prizes to be won by participants! They will come in beautiful and trendy yellow, pink, blue, and chocolate!

*These diamonds are genuine, high-quality diamonds that may be treated with traditionally accepted color enhancing methods or created with 100% pure pressurized and heated carbon in a lab.

Face Painting for Kids!

We value having young participants make a difference with us during this event, so this year, we’re providing face painting services by a local artist for added fun! Kids will get to choose from assorted images or make a special request, only for the cost of a donation of any amount to our cause!

Previous Year Diamond Dig Photos

This Year’s Diamond Dig Partners

We owe our sincere thanks to these local businesses for contributing prizes to this year’s Annual Diamond Dig!