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Appraisal Appointment Sign Up

Please fill out this form if you would like to make an appointment for our next appraisal workshop. We hold these workshops once a month. Please text us to find our when we will have our next appraisal day.

Bopie’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry will hold an Appraisal Day Workshop once a month where a cerified appraiser will be on site. He will be available to appraise any fine jewelry items for insurance purposes. Appraisals are $75 PER ITEM. All paperwork will be issued immediately following the inspection. If you are unable to make it to our Appraisal Day, you are more than welcome to drop off any pieces ahead of time and pick them up later on. To guarantee your time slot, please fill out the form to the left.

Note: On site appraiser is not affliated with Bopie’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelery.

Any items from Bopie’s Diamonds and Fine Jewelry are eligible for a free appraisal with purchase. It is not neccessary to come to Appraisal Day for these pieces.