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The Beginning

Bopie started working in a small jewelry boutique in Seoul, South Korea just after graduation. In that small boutique, she mastered the complex skill of jewelry design using precious metals and gemstones. This passion for handmade and artistic design fueled her creative vision for the future.

Bopie met and married her husband Mike, while he was stationed in Korea serving in the U.S. Army. Upon coming to the United States, Bopie focused on jewelry education and trade skill, earning coveted certifications from GIA (Gemological Institute of America), DCA (Diamond Council of America), and MJI (Miami Jewelry Institute).


She worked for several large jewelry retail chain stores around the U.S. and finally settled in Fayetteville, N.C in 1992. They both immediately fell in love with the area. Bopie went to work with a large jewelry chain in Cross Creek Mall and though she has always been successful and always enjoyed the retail jewelry environment, Bopie wanted more. She dreamed of designing and creating her own “one of a kind” jewelry designs.


In 1995, she was ready, she opened her own shop, a small cart in Cross Creek Mall, often manning the cart, by herself, 7 days a week. Confident in the belief she could provide a real jewelry alternative, as in pearls, jade and precious gemstone jewelry that was not “mass produced”. She made these unique affordable designs the cornerstone of her business.

Her business quickly grew, people eager for her fresh jewelry designs, she expanded to a larger permanent structure, and as demand increased, so did her artistic vision. Locating the rare and exotic gemstones she required for these designs became more and more difficult. Bopie traveled all over the world in search of these gemstones, but they were rarely cut to her specific dimentions. Her husband Mike would come to the rescue, learning to cut and facet these gems to the exact proportions that Bopie needed for her original and artistic designs.


In late 2002, Bopie’s Pearls & Gems outgrew her small shop and she moved to a large corner location in the center of Cross Creek Mall. For ten years, she has continued to produce original artful and innovative designs. Today, Bopie offers the finest quality diamonds and gemstones, custom design services and custom cut gemstones to an eager market, and she is set to grow again.


Bopie recently unveiled a new 7500 square feet facility on 4914 Yadkin Road. The space represents her immense gratitude to this community for their support. She features a diverse collection of jewelry. This year she has introduced her “Double B” signature line of jewelry, making her custom design ideas available to a larger market. Bopie’s “Wearable Art” is fun, fashionable, never ordinary, always extraordinary and available in nearly every price range. Our Double B Collection is available in 18K, 14K and Sterling Silver and can be custom made in your preference.

Bopie welcomes you to visit and explore!